Christmas Conspiring

Okay, so I’ve been making a pretty big deal about the idea of making instead of buying this Christmas. To be honest, I probably didn’t spend that much to begin with. But, I just love the thought of being intentional about 1) making every gift thoughtful and 2) saving money with a purpose in mind.

Advent Conspiracy is what got me started on all this, thanks to a rare but beautiful conversation with my sister. Just seeing the numbers in blaring bold on the promo video (I think I posted it recently) made me question my spending habits. But, the idea really is not to boycott Christmas. The idea is to spend time with others creating meaningful gifts and then making an intentional choice to buy at least one less gift this year (with the money going toward a worthy cause).

I admit, it’s easy to get carried away and ship Christmas gift-giving off in one of those extremely expensive mailer boxes with all the unnecessary wrapping paper and frivolous bows. But, that’s not really the idea, either.

The idea is to bring the true meaning back into this beautiful, history-altering holiday. I don’t know, maybe for you the meaning never left. For me, I have found such delight in the community-gathering, gift-making, cause-inspiring journey to really worship during this Christmas season.

I wanted to recommend some of my favorite places to go for gift ideas:
CraftBits (super creative, easy to use, and lots of different funky ideas)
Etsy (this is a store, but also an idea paradise for creative types)
rethinking Christmas (people are posting new DIY gift ideas here all the time)
Not Martha (these ideas are great, practical, and not mainstream Martha Stewart:)
Gift Weblog (can get pricey when you buy, but not when you make:)

If you think something like this sock monkey is worth much more handmade… go check out how you can make it happen!

Well, I’m turning into some strange version of a young spinster – reading cooking magazines, crafting all over my floor, and saving the strangest scraps that could possibly be used in a future gift. Ah, the blessedly simple life of a scrounger:)

Happy Conspiring!

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