a great big list of things

You know, I am pretty comfortable admitting that I live far below my expectations for myself. Case in point: this blog. I could probably link back to the MANY times in the past I’ve posted a post like this.

I’ve (strange, yes) asked this cyber-journal for forgiveness and begged understanding. Well, I’m done with that. So, now I want to try to capture the past two weeks of blog-writing delinquency in this lengthy list. Don’t expect order in this mess, I’ll be lucky if I remember half of the crazy things that transpired. Enjoy:)

November 18 – December 5

  1. Rode in an ambulance with a 7th grader
  2. Was told by a student that I seem “19 years old”
  3. Went through an identity complex after I heard the above comment
  4. Quickly assured myself of same-age friends by hosting my new church friends Johanna and Gaby for vegetarian lasagna
  5. Cooked my first turkey … ever. It was 11 pounds. I defrosted it in my kitchen sink. Massaged out the ice (because I didn’t plan for an all day de-icing event), named him Terry.
  6. Took suggestions from students (who apparently take their know-how from a guy named Anthony Bordaine?) about how to season the turkey (I think there was oil, thyme, italian seasoning, rosemary involved?!?!)
  7. Led the kids at the feeding center in singing and prayed for one of my favorite little ones and her father, who is blind.
  8. Had our first two mission trip meetings (I’m leading a group of high schoolers on a mission trip here in Honduras in March)
  9. Cherished every Sunday night I can spend with Micah Project, worshipping
  10. Found my new favorite Christmas song: Winter Snow by Audrey Assad (also on Chris Tomlin’s Christmas CD)
  11. Re-discovered my love for walking the city (the car has been in the shop for several weeks)
  12. Hosted 11th grade girls for Thanksgiving …. lasagna – their choice! 🙂 and made my first ENORMOUS cookie
  13. Watched 2012 at the mall… then walked 30 minutes home from the mall thinking the whole time if walking home from the mall was what I wanted to be doing at the end of the world.
  14. Wondered why all the world leaders (minus the US) in the movie 2012 were white… hmm?
  15. Crafted and conspired (although less than I would like) for Christmas… I am truly making every gift (or supporting causes here) and it gets a bit tricky with the brothas!
  16. Met a Jehovah’s Witness on the street (they have a headquarters a few blocks from my house) and then later met to talk over coffee… for 2 1/2 hours. I’m hoping there will be a friendship. Her name is Larissa.
  17. Spent the night at a student’s house… again.
  18. Watched as one of my dearest girls was baptized.
  19. Lamented over my horrible upkeep of my newsletter. It’s depressing, so I don’t like to think of it. I WILL have one written before I leave. It’ll be some crazy November/December combination:)
  20. Decided to be on the worship team at church… starting in January.
  21. I have savored many moments quiet.
  22. I have asked many times forgiveness in these last couple weeks.
  23. Tried to make very solid things abstract because it’s easier for my mind to think in colors and shapes and strange, vine-like things that wrap around all the stubborn, tangible realities.
  24. Painted a watercolor.
  25. Missed my sister pretty intensely.
  26. Fought a bit with what I affectionately call “devil-eye” – where my eyes get mean and red and hate contacts altogether. These are the days when laser eye surgery should be cheaper. Or pollution less? I think that’s part of my problem living in the city.
  27. Decided to pray for one of my brother’s football players and already feeling connected to the mighty work of the Lord in Michigan.
  28. Felt the ebb and flow of frustration in consistency. Well – there is no flow. There is no consistency with my girls. It’s painful, really.
  29. Went to a church conference with a student… interesting experience
  30. Worship night with the kids… pretty awesome.
  31. Thought and dreamed a lot about what my life will be like and how I can serve… but then realized that I am here in a dream and living service…
  32. caught myself being foolish A LOT!
  33. Caught up (a little teeny bit) with friends in Michigan, Chicago, and Indy.

That’s it for now, folks! I love you and half-way promise to be more regular in my writing.


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