a haiku

I have been struggling these past two days because Heather, my former roommate is here in Honduras visiting. I went from writing fictional short stories to very short poems. But, my commitment was to creative writing every day in May, not lengthy or story or even necessarily good. So, thanks to eHow, I have a haiku to share tonight. I’m not exactly happy with it, but it’s 11:46 and I’m tired. I also had a wonderful day and I think I’m frustrated I can’t be creative enough right now to explain it.
I actually remember very little about haiku poetry, so if you have any brilliant ideas or advice, let me know!
falling drops of rain
each quiet loss slow breaks free
tender, dry earth waits
day SEVEN of the Every Day in May Project – to write creatively every day in the month of May!

Tomorrow, I am hiking La Tigra (the mountaintop/cloud forest) and staying a hostel with Heather, Jess, and some students… where we plan to have amazing deep conversations, beautiful laughter, worship, and lots of love!

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