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John Calvin
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I am reading “John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, and Doxology,” and learning about John Calvin from some of the authors, pastors, and theologians I most respect. It still amazes me how words penned in the early 1500s could be so poignant today. When the Gospel is at the center, your message never wears out, I suppose.

I have been so encouraged as I grow to know a little more about this fascinating man. Most recently, I have been reading the chapter “The transforming work of the Spirit” by Thabiti Anyabwile.

I’m still carrying around the blessing of these words, quoted from Calvin’s original work.

“Hence we are furnished, as far as God knows to be expedient for us, with the gifts of the Spirit, which we lack by nature. By these fruits we may perceive that we are truly joined to God in perfect blessedness. Then, relying upon the power of the same Spirit, let us not doubt that we shall always be victorious over the devil, the world, and ever kind of harmful thing.”

John Calvin, Institutes of Christian Religion, 2.15.5

Wow. I love that word furnished. We are furnished, as an empty house is with furniture, with the gifts of the Spirit. The gifts are IN us and they weren’t before. We were an empty house, except that God saw fit to give us what we did not have to be “truly joined to Him in perfect blessedness.”

Let us not doubt! God has FURNISHED us with the the power to be victorious. Always.

God always wins. Did you know that?

The other day, I was talking to a distraught student in my office who needed to make it through the day. From the look in her eyes, her 10th grade strength was failing and she needed back-up. I had the shortest counseling conversation on record, but I think I’ll be giving myself the same therapy. It went something like this:

“What is your only weapon against evil (bad days, grouchy people, sadness…)?”
“No, wait, really. What is your only weapon?”
“God. The Bible.”
“Do you believe that?”
“Do you really believe that?”
“Okay, so you are going into battle right now and you’ve got your sword, the Bible. Are you protected?”
“I think so.”
“With what?”
“Armor of God.”
“So, you are going into battle with God’s armor as protection and God’s Word as your weapon.”
“Is there any chance you will lose?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure. No chance.”
“Because God always wins.”

Off she went.

You can question my counseling techniques, I don’t mind at all. But, I will say that when she left I felt like God had just given me the same pep talk. It was not a feel-good message about mastering bullies or getting my own way.

It was a reminder that God defeats evil. Always. He hems us in, behind and beside and before and for eternity, in all His victory.

He is always victorious and He has furnished our human houses with gifts of the Spirit. We shall always be victorious over the devil, the world, and every other harmful kind of thing.

That is something beautiful. Evil doesn’t stand a chance.

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4 thoughts on “we shall always be victorious

  1. Caroline ~ Thank you for your encouraging words of TRUTH!! Your blog is a blessing to me every time I read it (more on that later :p). I read in Taste & See (Piper devotional) “Faith feeds on the Word of God. Without a steady diet it gets weaker and weaker.” I had always though “faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God” meant that my faith grows as I spend time with the Lord in His Word…but I had not thought that my faith weakens if I withhold the food of the Word!! Don’t you love new perspectives?!! Your new perspectives that you share in your blog are what blesses me! Thank you for making the time to share!

      1. Debbie – thanks for YOUR encouragement and inspiration and perspective! The best perspective-giving we can offer is always pointing the direction of God’s Word. I am so thankful that God, in His grace, allows us to see anew what He has always held before us! Thank you for this reminder about tasting and seeing … you have no idea how beautifully that fits with the Lord’s work in my life!

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