g’day, friends!

I should stop describing my life or my thoughts or my un-diagnosed ADD as strange, because with its regularity it has established a very disastrous (and beautiful) normal. Having said that, I have several ironic things to report.

My last post, “unplugged,” surprised me by its multiple meanings (a strange occurrence – normally I squeeze out every possible meaning!) and so I’ll backtrack to fill you in.

On Saturday night, I went to the school fall costume party as a Christmas tree and literally spent the whole evening lit up… and plugged in to an outlet.

We were also literally unplugged for some of Saturday night and most of Sunday due to power outages. It’s no wonder when our power lines look like this:

Lastly, I can’t help but add that “unplugged” sounds similar to the familiar phrase, “coming unglued” or “undone,” which is what Jenna was thinking last night on the way to Micah Project when I covered the subjects of students’ college applications, baking, new friends made at the coffeeshop, paranoia with my car Louis, my dad selling a calf, plans for a pep assembly this Friday, and Christmas service schedule.

Whew! There you have it – multiple meanings for “unplugged.”


let LOVE fly like CRAZY

2 thoughts on “g’day, friends!

  1. Literally laughed out loud when I heard you went to a party and were plugged into an electrical outlet all night!

    1. YES! picture me, plugged in and unable to mingle… or browse the food table! It was painful, but every bit required to truly “be” my costume. I won “costume that most matches her personality,” which I thought was a HUGE honor!

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