million miles to go

I love this song by Joy Williams and Trent Dabbs… not because it is catchy or clever (because it is those things), but because it reminds me to persevere. Tonight, it’s really not about a layered love relationship as much as it is about chocolate dough chilling in the fridge, a newsletter almost finished, and a cup of I Love Lemon tea that needs refilling.

One thing you should always do when you start a recipe – read through all the directions (especially if it says chill for about 1 hour). Don’t worry – I’m not fazed. The countdown begins… at 9:12 pm.

Today, I told a student she was an onion with many layers and after-school I taught cheers in heels behind my closed office door. Interesting day? That’s not the half of it! 🙂

I can also now, at 10:55 pm, go on record saying the following:

Though recipes may be gracious about cavalier attitudes towards flour and sugar, it is NOT SO with ingredients like semi-sweet chocolate chips (tried substituting COSTA bars), dark brown sugar (tried substituting unknown Honduran sugar alternative), and chocolate mint wafer candies (tried substituting chocolate mints, like the ones you get at a restaurant).

Yep, I just wanted that to be officially on record… and also, you should only believe the exclamation, “So easy!” on a recipe if you have all the ingredients… and start very early… and are not still wearing your white pants from work.

I’m not disappointed, though. I finished my newsletter and spent some solitude time in the good ole cocina. I’m pretty sure my version will fly tomorrow, but we’ll see. If not, there’s always

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

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