reasons to shout hooray!

reason #1
Tonight I screamed my lungs out on the soccer sidelines in a wave of green and white. Rumor says it has been 20 years since the boys soccer team at my school has gone on to the finals in San Pedro, so tonight was one for the history books and I tried my darndest to yell even louder than those blaring blowhorns (sidenote: I definitely prefer human cheering). I could get all deep about it, but there is something really special and being with a crowd of people all hoping for the same thing. I had flashbacks to my own high school athletics days… and I remember cheering in the stands or on the sidelines was almost always just as fun as being in the game. I like that about sports. I like it and I wonder about it, too.

reason #2
Last night Louis (my lovely, wonderful, strangely Herbie-like car) helped someone ELSE! For all his random quirks, he finally got to lend a helping hand last night when a friend needed his battery jumped. I couldn’t run out the door fast enough! The idea of Louis GIVING battery power to another car was such an exciting thought… and then it worked! I could barely sleep I was so excited!

reason #3
Today, I handed out invitations to the senior girls for my almostFAVORITE holiday – SWEET DINNER! I loveLOVELOVE everything about this dinner, which is exclusively for my Bible study girls and ALL about recognizing the way God has beautifully created each of them. Even making the invitations filled me with joy – just thinking about the many blessings He has hidden inside each beautiful girl!

reason #4
I like things that make me think. This quote, thanks to twitter, inspired a bit of benevolent banter today and is still making me think hours later.

‎”The only way to dispossess the heart of an old affection, is by the expulsive power of a new one.” – Thomas Chalmers

Here’s some heavier reading to dig through if you’re interested.

reason #5
My cousin Bret and Katie had their baby this morning and she is BEAUTIFUL and her name is Mollie Avonell! I LOVE the beauty of new life!

reason #6
I am going to round out these reasons to shout hooray with one very close to home… I mean literally close to my hometown. Doc Swanson is what we call him, actually what people across the state of Iowa probably call him. When my friend sent me this link tonight I couldn’t believe someone had finally overturned the stone covering this hidden local hero. He’s 78 years old, but decided retiring as a doctor was too boring (who wouldn’t!?). So he opened a FREE clinic in the itty-bitty town in Southwest Iowa and he is pretty much always busy.

Take THAT health care crisis! I love what he says at the end of the interview,

“The fun of life is giving, and most people miss the fun of life,” Swanson said. “Money is the least important thing. If people would forget about money, and provide service, it would be a wonderful world.”

If he wasn’t STILL my doctor, I’d probably suggest he run for president or something.

let LOVE fly like cRaZy!


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