an introduction to 7 layer dreams

My mom makes a mad seven layer bean dip. I mean, people talk about it and not just around Christmas and Super Bowl – it’s kind of a big deal. I always admired the idea of 7 layers constructed for the sole purpose of complimenting a simple, overly salty corn chip.

When someone recently asked me the question, “What is a dream you have… you know? A dream that might be crazy, but you would love to make it happen?” I immediately thought of seven layers. Not because my dream has to do with beans, but because it’s complex and simple and oh-so-delicious. Also because the thought of attempting my mom’s (admittedly simple) 7 layer bean dip is a little intimidating.

I think my dream’s seven layers is the result of a concept I just invented called “adaptation construction.” This is a building technique utilized here in Honduras where people build a room onto whatever wall seems lonely. The result is a maze of concrete puzzle pieces that tell quite a lengthy story.

So, my dream’s like that – 7 layer bean dip and adaptation construction. It’s been growing and developing over the past few years and I’m sure now contains more than could possibly realistically fit in one dream. But, I’ve finally come to peace with that unfortunate realistic bit.

If God gave dreams that were realistic, there would be nothing to hope for, nothing to believe for, and nothing to risk everything on the chance that it might happen. I have a hunch that God lets us dream big things because we realize how small we are in comparison. He wants us to think beyond what is possible and believe He goes further still.

There’s that piece in me that wants to roll up the “adaptation construction” blueprint and never attempt the widely praised 7 layer bean dip. I have finally figured out what to call that piece: fear and pride. Sometimes chasing the dreams God has placed inside you means believing God is bigger than the fear of failure and that if and when we do fail, God can still be glorified.

I’ve shared these 7 layers with a few secret souls. I actually wrote out each layer in creative gobbledigook language and trusted gmail to deliver it intact. Today, a dear friend responded with some of the sweetest encouragement I could ever hear. Her heart is tender for dreams as well. She throws out that my-real-home-is-heaven-but-I-believe-in-praying-for-Thy-kingdom-come-now kind of vibe.

What a beautiful thing is sweet community. Even when it comes in the form of typed out words from miles away. This is the binding power of Christ and His Church!

let LOVE fly like cRazY
Especially to all you folks shivering inside of snow-banked houses! Here’s pictures from my parents home in Iowa. I don’t have to tell you that it’s much, much warmer here. 🙂

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