On Christian Perfection

What an absolutely GORGEOUS day! It looks like fall and feels like summer – which is the perfect combination for the Honduran in me.

The sunshine is throwing love on this day like confetti on New Year’s Eve and I’m not going to be bashful about basking in it. Maybe it’s also the sunshine that has me considering some deeper things today. Well, that, and John Wesley‘s ideas about sanctification and Christian perfection. When I got back from Honduras, I was surprised at the amount of books I still had lined up on a bookshelf in my parents’ house. Among others that are waiting for me on the “to read” list, I found this little gem (re-packaged by Relevant Books).

So… today I’m considering what he proposed – that our default impulses could be holy rather than rebellious. When God makes us new creatures through the sacrifice of His Son, we become “holy as He is holy” … so does that mean God triumphs over every bit of our heart and mind while we are still here on earth?

I know there is more to process about this, but meanwhile (or maybe while I do) this song is a beautiful anthem. I love that amen is a declaration of affirmation. And I love that this song affirms the Truth that is home to me – the place I can crawl inside and find rest. List to Amen, Amen by the good people at Sojourn Music.

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