on Christmas music

I just had a conversation recently about when is an appropriate time to start listening to Christmas music. I have an opinion and you’ll have a hard time convincing me otherwise (you can try, of course!).

That’s my opinion.

When I was talking about it with friends, I actually said, “Whenever my heart wants it.” Generally, this sounds like bad reasoning because it can lend itself unfortunately well to being swayed by emotion. But, in this case, I mean I will turn on “O Come Let Us Adore Him” whenever my heart wants a musical backdrop for the anticipation I feel for the coming of my Savior. I love imagining myself in the Before Christ place, where I am desperately hopeful (as beautifully as the Jews) for a Messiah.

Christmas music is not about chestnuts roasting or twinkling lights for me (although there is a time and a place for those tunes as well). Christmas music always ushers in that knotted up anticipation that refuses to stay locked up in my chest.

It is always a good time, in my opinion, to anticipate my Savior (whether imagining myself in the land of pre-Jesus or understanding myself now in the pre-second coming).

Enjoy (only if you want) some such music here and please let me know your thoughts!

let LOVE fly like cRaZy
(regardless of your Christmas music timeline)

4 thoughts on “on Christmas music

  1. Ok- I see what you are saying and I agree.
    However, when I go into a popular mega-store and hear BAD Christmas music the day after Halloween, it just makes me grumpy.

  2. Yes, and this is NOT what I’m talking about. I really haven’t been in many stores lately, so I pretty much decide what I listen to, when, how loud, and how long 🙂

  3. Before I began working retail, I would occasionally listen to Christmas music during the summer. Now I more than get my fill of it at work, very rarely play it at home any more. Kind of sad, in a way…

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