You Have Come to Save Us

I know everybody doesn’t think in pictures and doodles and words climbing over words. Sometimes, I try to imagine what it would be like to think like someone walking in a straight line… and I usually get distracted or shake myself out of it before I start to feel claustrophobic. I am thankful for the linear thinkers in my life (God knows I need them), but I’m also glad God seems to have put me together by the holy knit-in-the-womb equivalent of upending a toy box.

Sometimes my thoughts are similarly scattered – making sense of things is like walking into the play room after several toddlers have had a good romp. There’s really nothing much one can do but sit down in the middle and take it all in.

Scripture, God’s inspired and living Word, sometimes illustrates itself thus in my mind. I’m connecting dots, drawing arrows, and doodling imaginative symbols to make God’s orderly message sensible to my disorderly mind.

If ever I get too wrapped up in my own interpretation or too distracted by someone else’s, the Lord presses in with a beautiful rule: Christ.

Christ – the One against whom all can be measured.

Today, I am reveling in the freedom of life set free by the blood of Christ. Today, I am rejoicing because Christ is my righteousness. Today, I am enjoying God’s presence because Christ has made it possible to behold Him as He sits on the throne. Today, I am trusting in the Lord’s power, demonstrated in Christ’s victory over the grave and my sin.

Today, the Lord is reigning and ruling and I have an eternal invitation to sit at His feet, sealed by the blood of a sinless Savior.

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

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