this & that

Another lovely list for a bunch of lovely folks.

  • This is just plain, good sense from Paul David Tripp about how Anger is Essential.
  • I referred to David Schrock yesterday, but if you didn’t jet over to see his series on Gospel Logic, then you should DEFINITELY check it out!
  • I keep loving the excerpts I am reading from Jared Wilson’s new book “Gospel Wakefulness,” so I keep sending you to check it out for yourself. Here’s another snapshot from and Crossway that seems to connect to my recent thoughts on Occupying Life!
  • Do you like music? Do you think about music a lot? Do you analyze why you like certain music and not other certain music? There is a great article (Zombies, Wine, and Christian Music) written at the gungor (that’s a band, by the way) website that I hope will prompt a lot of discussion about music… specifically Christian music. They just put out a new album, by the way, “Ghosts Upon the Earth.”
Hm. Well, that’s about it for now.
Oh, and I’m still listening to this:

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