God wakes the morning

This past week, I was talking to a wise and wily tenth grade girl. Our discussion was about purpose and passion and knowing “what to do with our lives.” But, something very beautiful happened midstream.

She said something like, “You know, people get so caught up in life that they don’t see the sunrise.”

“YES!” I think my heart yelled almost as loud as my voice. “God wakes up the morning!”

I might have lost her at that point – as my words tumbled over the edge of my excitement – but I took the twinkle in her eyes as encouragement and kept tumbling.

Every moment of every day God breathes life into existence. When He said, “Sun” there was an instant, goldern orb with heat and light and beauty. When we say, “sun” there is just an understanding that hangs in the air between the sayer and the hearer – nothing more.

What POWER God possesses to wake up the morning – to flood the fields of Creation with a glowing light.

Yesterday morning, with these thoughts fresh on my heart, I woke up a little haggard. I rushed out to grab coffee for a friend I was supposed to meet and, on the way to meet her, spilled the coffee all over the floor of my car (just realized I should clean my floormats). I ended up with two half-spilled skinny lattes and a solitary car ride when our meeting canceled.

And all the while, God was waking up the morning. As I made my way out to my office, passing sleepy houses and spring-ready fields, I looked out at the warm glaze that covered the morning… and laughed.

My morning was not falling apart. My morning was every bit held together by the words of my Savior, speaking daylight into existence and speaking my eyes into seeing it. God’s gracious, life-giving words streamed from the sun-soaked morning and I turned my face to feel the full weight of it.

What a glorious thing for the Lord to wake the morning.

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

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