December stands for ANTICIPATION

I love December. Even though it’s not snowy cold here, the flip of the calendar and the ushering in of advent has a sparkle all its own. I love that December means (if we weren’t before) we’ve all got our gaze fixed ahead in anticipation for something great… something beautiful and lovely and joyous is going to happen.

I just love it.  And maybe that’s why my bedroom floor can’t seem to stay clean. It might be a stretch, but I’m going to say it’s because I am looking ahead to times of joyful gatherings and love-drenched celebrations.

this is just a landscape shot of my floor - covered in crafts!

As long as I’m talking about making things and giving them away, I know you’ve all been anticipating the Honduran Horizon newsletter! So, I have good news – HERE IT IS. You can either view it right here or go to the Honduran Horizon tab at the top of this page to view all the newsletters.

Here are a few other recommendations:

  • Get some free Christmas music from Amazon right here.
  • Check out this little piece from Tim Keller on politics and faith, which I always seem to be tangled up in confusion over.
  • I continue to chew on questions of art/beauty/church/gospel and how they are intertwined – this article about a church in Chicago set off a crazy comment fire (for which I received endless inboxes) and resulted in this follow up article. Both are worthy of a read and if you are really ambitious, look at the comments!
  • In regards to the above discussion on art and faith, Makoto Fujimura is becoming someone I would really love to meet.
  • Just to throw in a twist and show I’m totally young and hip and youtube-savvy, check out this crazy video of a girl after she gets her wisdom teeth pulled… pretty funny – especially the RAP (my favorite part!).

Well, I just ate some unbelievable green beans and now I’m on to my main course: popcorn. It’s a whole grain, you know. It’s popcorn, crafts, and filling gift boxes for AFE. Wait… is that my beeping car I hear? Humph. We’ll find out in the morning!

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

News and Updates

Well, friends, I think I successfully imported my old blog posts from Musings of a Foreign Heart to this wordpress blog. It was … surprisingly easy. I just had to find the button! I’m a little sad to see that electronic “leaf” officially turned, because it was my beginning as a blogger. I’m sure I’ll recover.

I finally finished my September Newsletter (in October) and so I wanted to use this post to kind of explain all the functions and buttons and drop-down menus of this new blog. I’m excited to offer more information about some of the ministries I have the privilege to work with and also provide a more accessible way to link to newsletters.

At the top of the page, you’ll see the the categories. You can click on each one to find out more. Several of the buttons have drop down menus, so don’t be afraid to check those out as well.

I’ll use this post as an example – there is now a NEW newsletter posted under Honduran Horizon newsletters. It’s the September edition. If the pull-down menus confuse you, here is the link.

So, you should check that out… and then hop on over to some of the other pages – especially the Honduras ministries!

Please leave questions and comments about what is confusing or annoying or delightful 🙂

I’m just trying to

let LOVE fly like CRAZY

March Honduran Horizon Newsletter

Here is the newsletter for MARCH! I know what you’re thinking… you are so early!
Well, I only missed finishing in March by about 35 minutes, so I guess I can handle that. Please send me a comment if you want to sign up to receive the email/PDF copy of the newsletter so I can send it to you!

If you have questions, please let me know!
And as always….
let LOVE FLY like cRaZY


Apparently when I wrote “I’m not writing tonight,” I meant to say, “I’m not writing for a week and a half.”
But, here is a newsletter!! Can you believe it? It’s TRUE… I actually finished something and am sending it to you over the cyber waves! I am sending the pdf through email, so if you want that version, please let me know.

Honduran Horizon

Here is the Sept-October edition of the Honduran Horizon newsletter. It’s a bit shorter and slightly disjointed, but this is my life I suppose. 🙂

Just click on the link below to go to the newsletter page and download the newsletter. Click on Sept-Oct on the lefthand sidebar.

I also made a short video for my church in Atlantic, as they are having a missions fair this Saturday. I kind of went blank when I pushed “rec,” so forgive the frequent pauses! 🙂