March Honduran Horizon Newsletter

Here is the newsletter for MARCH! I know what you’re thinking… you are so early!
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Apparently when I wrote “I’m not writing tonight,” I meant to say, “I’m not writing for a week and a half.”
But, here is a newsletter!! Can you believe it? It’s TRUE… I actually finished something and am sending it to you over the cyber waves! I am sending the pdf through email, so if you want that version, please let me know.

Honduran Horizon

Here is the Sept-October edition of the Honduran Horizon newsletter. It’s a bit shorter and slightly disjointed, but this is my life I suppose. 🙂

Just click on the link below to go to the newsletter page and download the newsletter. Click on Sept-Oct on the lefthand sidebar.

I also made a short video for my church in Atlantic, as they are having a missions fair this Saturday. I kind of went blank when I pushed “rec,” so forgive the frequent pauses! 🙂

Call to Prayer

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Hello friends! This time more than ever, we are feeling the spiritual attack here in Tegucigalpa, in Honduras, and in our school on the mountain. Just as God promised His people, who are called by His name, to be humbled in prayer, seek His face, and turn from their wicked ways… He promised to hear and forgive and heal the land (2 Chronicles 7:14. We want to respond to God’s call to enter into communion with Him – to adore Him, to confess our failures, to pour our thanks out at the altar, and to petition with grateful hearts for God’s will to be done. But we don’t want to do this alone.

This next week, starting at 11:30 am on Monday, October 19, we will be having prayer in the 212 room in the high school (or in your home) 24 hours a day for 7 days. We want to form a seamless prayer chain, where we are coming before the Lord together, as a unified community.

To participate, sign up in the hallway by the 212 room (elementary staff are encouraged and welcomed!!) or send an email to Miss Nichols ( or Mr. Cochran ( Please pray especially during the night hours, as students are primarily signing up during the days. We are teaching students to use the “ACTS” acronym to pray.

A – adoration (giving God the praise He is worthy of)

C – confess (confessing our sins to Him)

T – thanksgiving (thanking God for His blessings)

S – supplication (asking for God’s will and our petitions)

We will be encouraging students to step away from the tendency to pray in general terms and instead praying deeply through Scripture. Each day will have a theme and we will pray through each letter of “ACTS” for each theme.




Spiritual Emphasis week for the high school will follow the 24/7 prayer and follow the same themes as 24/7 prayer. This is a huge opportunity to lead students into an understanding of our intimate relationship with our Sovereign God through the repetition of Truth.

Honduran Horizon – JULY!

It almost passed by without as much as an email or blog post… but I just couldn’t do it. July was just too wonderful to not commemorate with a newsletter. So, even though it is a little late, I hope you will enjoy this edition of the Honduran Horizon newsletter.
Click on this link or the picture below to go to the newsletter page.

Highlights of the past couple weeks:
I am settling into my new apartment in the city and I absolutely LOVE it. I love the nearness to so many places, the people I can call neighbors, the Spanish practice (that is now 24/7), and mostly the feeling that I am a part of this place.

I have to share this short anecdote:
In the process of moving all of my stuff from the top of the mountain into the city (picture the most precarious pile of belongings hoisted, shoved, and stacked … with bits of nylon rope to secure everything in place … on top of a beater pick-up truck driving at questionable speeds down a curving mountain road), I forgot some things. I figured I could gather most of the things I forgot and drive them down in a couple days, but my hangers I could not do without. So I took the little bus up the mountain and found my giant bunch of hangers, tied together with a useful piece of nylon rope, and made my way back to my unpacked suitcases. I jumped off the busito at the base of the mountain and started walking toward my new place, when I saw a woman on the sidewalk. We exchanged the expected, “Hola, buenos dias” and as I was moving on my way, she pointed to my bundle of hangers and said, “Se vende?” Yep, that’s right, she was wanting to buy hangers from me. I was so shocked at the question I’m not sure what I mumbled, but I do remember being so excited that I fit that well into the city landscape that I would be confused as a vendor!

I am now a confident driver on the Honduran roadways! I am so thankful (not proud, mind you – because my safety has nothing to do with me, I’m convinced!) that God has been gracious in this learning process and I continue to begin every road trip with a short prayer that it be in His hands and timing.

I am working on Bible studies, service plans, and student contact… everything bundled into a great adventure I am setting out on with my Prince (the way I affectionately call my Lord now, after reading Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy).

Well, this has to be all for now, but expect many, more frequent updates my friends! I am back in action and I have missed writing. I do not feel guilty, however, when I go on blog-strike (which usually happens when I return to my Iowa home) because I know it means I am focusing on the face-to-face … and finding joy there is so beautiful!

Blessings to each one of you today!

Honduras: how do we know the truth?

Well, here are a few things to help us figure it out.

This youtube video shows the chronology of recent events here in Honduras.

This article is an interesting look at the impact recent events and controversy has had on Honduras as a country. We need your support!

Why I Came to Honduras

Shared via AddThis

Don’t worry – I am working on many of things to share with you. It has been a crazy amount of time and I wish I could tell all of you everything. My weeks at home were more than I could have hoped for. Every memory and conversation and face and prayer encouraged me in such fantastic ways. Thank you all for being so wonderful! Those I saw and those I didn’t, I am just reminded of my roots in family, friendships, and most of the Body of Christ.

I will write soon!

Honduran Horizon – JUNE

Believe it or not, I’m getting this newsletter out early!

I returned home last weekend and I cannot get enough of this wonderful state! I got home Saturday night and have been loving every minute… including the freedom to flush my toilet paper, drive a car, hug my brothers, and have dinner on the porch with my parents. LOVE IT.

There are some things that only happen in Iowa.

There are also some things to praise God for because of His provision this year. I wrote about a few things in the newsletter this month, but I want to highlight a few.

Last year, before I left for Honduras, I made prayer cards with the following requests:

  • For the Lord to prepare students’ hearts for another year at Pinares

God totally provided in this area. I saw students transformed this year – growing in grace and Truth … and slowly finding their courageous feet to move in service for Christ.

  • For the Lord’s blessing on the ministry of Pinares and the staff

I felt such a wonderful sense of community with my roommates, co-workers, and staff. I know the Lord has blessed Pinares as a school and each staff person comes in answer to a personal call.

  • For the connections to surrounding communities through service work

I was overwhelmed with the opportunities to reach out and work with other organizations this year. I have built bridges through “hands and feet,” the new student organization, and also through serving with Manos Extendidas. God definitely provided these connections.

  • For my abilities as a teacher, counselor, co-worker, and friend

In every way, even in my weakness, I felt the prayers that sustained me. God most certainly showed up, because I couldn’t have finished on my own.

  • For a humble heart to enter into ministry and work alongside other servants

I always seem to struggle with pride and this year was no different. But when I did allow the Lord to work in ways He designed, I was a joyful part of something much bigger than little me could ever create.

  • For traveling mercies and other details

Though this is the shortest request, I know my mom prayed real hard for it! Actually, I am very very thankful for all the traveling and detail-oriented prayers. I may never know how those prayers protected me.

Here is the newsletter for June. It’s still short, but I wanted to get it out quick because I’ll be writing my summer newsletter to include updates from Camp Bethany. I am speaking this week as the missionary and I have already felt the Lord moving and working.

Click on the image below to go to the Honduran Horizon page and then click on June 2009.

I have attached a new prayer card as well, so that you can continue to pray this year for the ministry in Honduras. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And may the Lord bless your faithful hearts!

Please keep checking back this week for more pictures and updates from Iowa, Camp Bethany, and other exciting stateside adventures!

Honduran Horizon – May

I can’t believe it.

With 45 minutes to spare, this newsletter is actually on time! I hardly know how to start this post because it usually begins with a lame apology.

So, here you have it: click on the image below and then go to May 2009 to see the full pdf newsletter.

Though you may notice that this edition is somewhat abbreviated, I hope you will like my honesty. I worked really hard to get it out tonight because I specifically need prayer for several things.

I hope this find you ready for June, because it’s coming tomorrow whether you like it or not!


Honduran Horizon – APRIL

Hello folks!

Here’s the latest Honduran Horizon. I hope you enjoy. There has been a LOT going on here, and it is sometimes hard to know where to start and when to stop.

Check it out and let me know what you think. You can click on the link above or click here to go to the Newsletter page and then just click on April.

I am really trying to “be” here for the last stretch, but I am tempted to anticipate all the reunions of this summer – spending time with family, friends, and enjoying the beautiful midwest! I hope to catch up with a lot of you. I’ll be in Michigan, Iowa, Chicago, and Texas for a bit before coming back here in August for some intensive language training.