Honduran Horizon

Use the pull down menu to find newsletters from the current school year. I created this newsletter before coming to Honduras for the first time in 2008 to work at a Christian bi-lingual school. Since that time, I have grown in my love for the country, its people, and all the ways God is showing his heart for the broken here.

Whether I am working in the school as a guidance counselor, or outside of school leading Bible studies for girls, or supporting the many ministries in the city by bringing supplies and new energy, I am encouraged and excited to be a part of what the Lord has ordained here.

Here you can find all the past newsletters I have written during my time here in Honduras:
Find past newsletter by clicking here, it will re-direct you to my old blog where I have been posting for the past two years.

You can also access my two ministry reports (in powerpoint form) by viewing below:

Pre-Honduras Presentation

Church Present Dec

ministry report july 09

June 2010 report

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